About Us

ProCare3 was originally incorporated in the State of Nebraska January 24, 1983 under the name Speech Rehabilitation Services, Inc. (SRS) by Risa and Ronald Hofmeister. Risa, Ron and a secretary were the original employees. There are currently over 120 employees.

Risa was the senior speech/language pathologist at her former place of employment and had almost four years of experience. Ron had an accounting degree and 10 years business experience including being Vice President at his former place of employment.

SRS received authorization to do business in Iowa April 13, 1983.

Sometime during the first six months, SRS answered an ad in the Omaha World-Herald by a home teacher of an adult mentally retarded female requesting speech therapy services. Answering this ad was the beginning of our work with the Eastern Nebraska Community Office of Retardation (ENCOR), which led to our specialization of services for the adult mentally handicapped.

SRS passed its Medicare inspection with no deficiencies and received its Medicare Provider Number effective June 25, 1984.

A contract with Head Start Child Development Corporation became effective September 10, 1984. This contract was maintained until September 1999, when the Omaha Public Schools were required to provide the service.

SRS became a Medicaid Provider in October 1984.

Because of requests from facilities SRS provided speech therapy, it was decided to offer physical and occupational therapy services.

Occupational therapy services were initiated April 1987.

Physical therapy services were added in November 1987.

Due to the increased importance of our physical and occupational therapy services, it was decided that the name Speech Rehabilitation Services (SRS) no longer adequately described the company.In December 1992 SRS was renamed ProCare3 to signify the three services, speech, physical and occupational therapy.

The Nebraska Department of Public Institutions requested we expand the coverage of our waiver services for adults with mental retardation to other Regions and cities throughout Nebraska.

ProCare3 began offering services on a fill-in basis at area hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities in January 1996.

September of 2001, a clinic focusing on pediatrics and the developmentally delayed was opened in Omaha, Nebraska.

November of 2002, a second clinic was opened in Omaha, Nebraska specializing in orthopedics and Women’s Health.

All sites provide on-site warm water aquatic therapy.

August 2003, another outpatient orthopedic clinic was opened in downtown Omaha.

September 2005, an outpatient orthopedic clinic was opened in Papillion, NE.

June 2007, an outpatient orthopedic clinic was opened at 156th and Maple.

July 2007, an outpatient orthopedic clinic was opened at 177th and "Q"

October 2012, an outpatient orthopedic clinic was opened at 1910 South 72nd Street.

July 2013, the Papillion outpatient clinic was expanded to include pediatric outpatient therapy services.

Continued expansion is anticipated