Pediatric developmental Chart

This developmental informational chart will help you determine if your child might benefit from receiving Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy. Listed are a few skills that your child should have at this age.

37 - 48 Months (3 - 4 Years)

Gross Motor: Physical Therapy

  • Descends stairs alternating foot placement, one hand on rail, one hand free
  • Hops 2-3 times on one foot
  • Vertical jump 2½ inches with reaching
  • Balances on one foot 8-10 seconds
  • Descends (goes down) stairs, alternating feet both hands free
  • Skips with both feet alternately

Fine Motor: Occupational Therapy

  • Copies a square / circle
  • V and H stroke
  • Draws a man-head with one other part
  • Prints letters
  • Colors with direction
  • Cuts a straight line
  • Cuts out a circle
  • Ties a knot

Speech and Language: Speech Therapy

  • P, b, m, w, h mastered
  • Comprehends approx. 1200 words
  • Responds to commands involving 2 actions
  • Uses 800 words
  • Becoming very intelligible in connected speech
  • Comprehends 1500 words (4 years)
  • Uses 1000 - 1500 words (4 years)

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