Pediatric developmental Chart

This developmental informational chart will help you determine if your child might benefit from receiving Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy. Listed are a few skills that your child should have at this age.

61 - 72 Months (5 - 6 Years)

Gross Motor: Physical Therapy

  • Jumps rope by self
  • Runs and jumps 40-45 inches
  • Vertical jump 3½ inches or more, with reaching
  • Jumps down 12 inches and lands on toes
  • Stands on one foot with eyes closed
  • Steers wagon propelling with 1-foot

Fine Motor: Occupational Therapy

  • Draws person with fingers, neck, clothes
  • Draws lines through paths
  • Cutting out shapes
  • Throwing ball at target
  • Dropping and catching ball - one hand
  • Dribbling a ball - one hand

Speech and Language: Speech Therapy

  • Understands 2500 to 2800 words
  • Uses 1500 to 2000 words
  • Understands 13,000 words by age 6
  • Can answer "what happens if..." questions
  • Has number concepts ("Give me ... blocks")
  • Knows right from left (by age 6)
  • Recite (counts) numbers up to 30

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