Pediatric developmental Chart

This developmental informational chart will help you determine if your child might benefit from receiving Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy. Listed are a few skills that your child should have at this age.

7 - 12 Months

Gross Motor: Physical Therapy

  • Bounces in standing when hands are held
  • Sits without support, hands free for 1 minute (9 months)
  • Lying on stomach, weight on stomach and hands, lifts hands
  • Stands holding onto furniture or with hands held
  • Moves from lying down to sitting without help (10 months)
  • Moves arms to the side to protect self when falling
  • Pulls to stand up
  • Lowers self to sit from standing position (10 months)
  • Moves from sitting to stomach, creeps forward and sits (10 months)
  • Rolls both ways
  • Stands without support (11 months)
  • Walks with two hands or holding furniture (10 months)
  • Turns in sitting position
  • Creeps with hands and legs alternating

Fine Motor: Occupational Therapy

  • Grip with thumb opposition
  • Left or right hand preference observed
  • Voluntary release and throwing
  • Grasp with one hand while reaching with other
  • Pushes a car / stacks rings / turns pages

Speech and Language: Speech Therapy

  • Uses m, n, t, d, p, z in babbling multiple syllables
  • Repetitious sounds and tunes
  • Uses wide variety of sound combinations
  • Inflected vocal play
  • Imitates speech sounds of others
  • Loud production of jargon - wide variety of sounds and intonations
  • Uses all sounds (Consonants and vowels) in play
  • Closes mouth without drooling

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